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Our Story

Purity Foods Hawaii, Inc., brings together a family of tastes and traditions representative of Hawaii’s melting pot of cultures.  From Hawaiian, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, and more, Purity Foods Hawaii brands celebrate these food traditions.

Our brands include Gouvea’s, Purity, May’s, Hawaiian Sausage Company, and the Hawaiian Fishcake Brand.  Purity, Gouvea’s, and May’s are family businesses with long histories in Hawai’i.  Together with the Hawaiian Sausage Company and Hawaiian Fishcake, Scott and Bill continue to run Purity Foods Hawaii, Inc. in the family tradition.

Our mission is to sustain a thriving company so that we can provide the flavors of Hawaii to the people of Hawaii and the mainland, always delivered with the spirit of Aloha.


Beef Patties

Hawaiian Style